Old Nick: Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to answer a few questions for the readers of Old Nick Magazine. First off, can you tell us a little about The Five Points Band's origins? How did you all meet up and decide to form a group?
Robin The Hammer: Every year in the city we used to hold a Lost Boys Christmas party for all of our friends that didn't have a traditional situation to be a part of... one year Jason fell into our house and he hit the drums and we had a blast. We went through bass players like Spinal Tap goes through drummers... Eventually Jason and Acacia got married and it was natural for her to join the band as a singer. When our last bass player ditched, she had to pick it up and learn to play for an upcoming gig. Since we're a family, none of us can walk out.

ON: What are some of your musical influences for writing the music that makes it into The Five Points Band?
RTH: I started out doing country blues, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Skip James. Jason was remarkably aware of this stuff, and he also moved us towards Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and those sounds. But there's nothing like playing Rock 'n' Roll, and that vibe eventually overcame my "purist" attitude, allowing our own synthesis of it all to emerge.

ON: How about the other band members, are their influences different, or the same as yours?
RTH: As I said, Jason brought in Country sounds, and we all share a love of Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Cab Calloway and the Duke. ACDC and Judas Priest are in there somewhere, too, and Acacia has always been down with Parliament-Funkadelic. We even have done a blues take on Public Enemy, which brings it all full circle. Chuck D has often cited Muddy Waters as one of his inspirations.

ON: Tell us a little about your upcoming release "Family". What's it all about? Does the title have to do with the dynamics of the band, or is there a deeper, darker reason for choosing the title "Family"?
RTH: We are, of course, a real family. Miss Acacia is my daughter, Jason is her husband, Macky Spider is their son, and Sweetbryar and I have been married for centuries. When we met Kirk Reinert it was as if we had known him all our lives, he's our brother. Of course, there's always a dark side to family, whether you're in a murder cult, or your uncle just sucks.

Five Points Band has some interesting song titles and lyrics. I heard you even have a song called "Old Nick". Would you care to elaborate on what that song, or any other song of your choosing, is about?
RTH: Basically, we sing about what we know and in this world, you get to know Old Nick pretty well.  He can even be fun company.  Of course there are sometimes "accidents" of morality whenever He's around, but that's hardly His fault.  Its people who ultimately mess things up, Nick just opens the door to possibility.

“Old Man River” is about a murderer whose guilty conscience is annoying him. “Carrion Crow” is a political song: Tell you honey, it ain't no lie, crows get fat while good men die... “Itsy Bitsy” is about a seductive woman who collects men.  “Foolkiller” is about a trophy collector as well, only his trophies are the heads of people he has deemed stupid.  We're hoping the Bieber will cover one of our songs soon...

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