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How To Bewitch A Babe

The blissfully soft and comforting warmth of her milky white flesh, most often decorated with piercings and tattoos. Her deadly curves, devilish grin and lets not forget that hint of evil reigning from her eyes. Oh yes, the irresistible lure of the dark and dangerous woman. But to a man of great taste and intelligence it is not only what her carcass is encased with that lures him to her these nocturnal nymphs most often than not have a non-conformist attitude leading them to explore behaviors ordinarily deemed unacceptable within the restrictive boundaries of modern day society. It is pretty self explanatory as to why we are attracted to such uniqueness and beauty.

Within this column I will teach you how to bewitch these devilishly dark creatures and perhaps, if you follow my advice correctly, win the heart of one of them...

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