Scientists say the universe is made up of 96% dark matter. Well we knew that! When's the rest of the herd going to catch up?

Scripture says Adam & Even didn't know they were naked until the Devil told them. You see, we told you Old Nick always has the best inside information!

Female flight attendants are the last bastions of sexy professional women. They're always primping to look good in their tight skirts and stockings. The know how to bend over in tight spots (we love that). And they feed you like you're a king without any backtalk. And that fantasy about having sex with them n the lavatory is the only thing that can make a long, boring flight bearable.

The total surrender and excruciatingly delicious release one experiences after orgasm is given a name (by the French of course). The little death, or "la petite mort" (Le Petit Mort/Le Petit Morte/La petite morte), has generally been interpreted to describe the post-orgasmic fainting spells some lovers suffer from. It can also refer to spiritual release that come with orgasm, or a short period of transcendence, expenditure or spending of life force. Gives new meaning to the phrase "I'm dying to fuck that one."

On October 22, 2006 the ABC Family Channel on cable TV ran the feature film, "Satan's School for Girls" in the Los Angeles area. See, Old Nick really is a family man.

Legend has it that Banquet of Chestnuts, known more properly as the Ballet of Chestnuts in Rome, was a banquet thrown on October 30, 1501, by Pope Alexander VI. The banquet was thrown in the apartment of the apostolic palazzo with, it is said, upwards of fifty prostitutes or courtesans in attendance. After the food was eaten, candles were lit and placed on the floor and chestnuts strewn about, which the prostitutes, naked and crawling between the candelabras, were encouraged to pick up. According to the diarist Johann Burchard, the papal Master of Ceremonies, an orgy then ensued.

Servants kept score of each man's orgasms, for the pope greatly admired virility and measured a man's machismo by his ejaculative capacity. After everyone was exhausted, His Holiness distributed prizes - cloaks, boots, caps, and fine silken tunics. The winners were those who made love with those courtesans the greatest number of times.