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Selina Minx - Sex Magick Expert

Greetings to all my Diabolical Decadents!

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Selina Minx, a sexually enlightened female of the darker persuasion, modern day courtesan, long-time practitioner of sex magick, tantra, ordeal therapy and the sacred initiatory rites of Innanna, Sekhmet, Kali and Aphrodite.

My favorite techniques of sex magick are compiled from various sources including western mystery schools explored and expounded upon by Aleister Crowley, eastern Tantric and Tibetan practices and the ever warped and delicious Satanic black mass.

I'm pleased and honored to be your resident sex magick (with a k!) SEXpert! I'm not here to get you in contact with your holy guardian angel, that's for sure. I thought we'd start out with what sex magick is and why you might want to try it.

It's simple my dears… we do sex magick to:

· Get the partners you want
· Drive women (and men!) wild in bed
· Explore pleasure beyond the normal orgasm
· To affect change upon reality (i.e. - get anything you want)
· To explore higher states of consciousness
· To attract or sustain a non-physical helper

The ingredients in sex magick are:

· Stimulation (alone, or with a partner or group)
· Orgasm
· Ritual or Ceremony
· Chanting, Singing or Intoning
· Invocation or Worship of various deities, spirits or demons
· Breathing techniques
· Breaking Taboos
· Bathing or Anointing the body
· Sigils and Symbols

Nearly any personal or professional endeavor can be brought up a notch with some pleasure-filled "raising of energy" and my personal favorite "releasing energy towards a specific goal". By using these techniques your sex or masturbation can be used to direct your subtle energy towards fulfilling your other life goals. Next time we'll get into some specifics and I'll answer any questions you might have.

Email me at Selina.minx@gmail.com.

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